imgMissed call Campaign

Missed call is one of the most popular / User Friendly medium for capturing user response at no cost. Missed call solution can be used to connect citizens with various government campaigns. This solution is most efficient and quick. Followed by missed call, SMS and/or voice call can be initiated by the system to give confirmation to the citizen. It may be used to capture Citizen’s interest, registration, participation, information gathering, or service opt-in.

With the help of CM-Helpline (181) zero cost missed call campaigns can be run for the departments. Invite citizens to join a cause or a campaign by just giving a missed call.

  • Quick & Easy Process

  • Accesibility

  • Live Monitoring

  • Zero Cost

  • No Workforce Required

Registration Process

Previous Campaigns
1. Tree Plantation Drive

• Tree planting is recognised as one of the most engaging, environmentally-friendly activities that people can participate in to help the reduce global warming and make earth greener

• For the above, Tree plantation program is being organized from 1st March to 5th March in which all citizens of Madhya Pradesh can participate after giving missed call on 0755-2706666 by planting at least one sapling.


Confirmation/Response SMS to Citizen after Missed Call
Live Monitoring Dashboard
2. Tourism Department – Toilet Cleanliness